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Масла ВР

Energol OE -HT 30 Energol OE-HT 30 is high performance alkaline oil for the crankcase lubrication of low speed marine crosshead engines.
Application Energol OE-HT 30 is recommended for the main system lubrication of all low speed crosshead engines including the new generation cam-less engines featuring full electronic control such as the Wartsila RT-flex engine and the MAN B&W ‘’Intelligent’’ engine. These technologies depend to a significant extent on hydraulic systems and for convenience use the engine system oil as the hydraulic fluid. Energol OE-HT 30 has the required load-carrying properties for this additional function.
Main Performance Features
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability to minimize oil degradation at high piston under crown temperatures.
  • Detergency to minimize the formation of piston under crown deposits with oil cooled pistons
  • Centrifugibility to enable removal of water and insoluble particulate contamination
  • Alkalinity to provide protection against the corrosive effects of acidic combustion products.
  • High anti-wear properties to FZG load stage 12 for hydraulic fluid performance.
  • Excellent anti- rust performance.
Approvals Energol OE-HT 30 is approved for use by major marine crosshead diesel engine manufacturers world-wide.
Care and Handling It is recommended that Energol OE-HT 30 is continuously centrifuged in accordance with manufacturers' instructions.
Packaging and Storage Supplied in bulk and drums of approximately 210 liters. Where outdoor storage is unavoidable, drums should be covered. The drums should be stored in such a way as to ensure they are not damaged and grade markings not obliterated; position them horizontally so as to prevent water collecting on drum ends. Ensure drums are tightly re-sealed after use.
Typical Characteristics
Test Method Units
SAE Number 30
Kinematics Viscosity @1000C ASTM D445 mm2 s-1 11.5
Total Base Number (TBN) ASTM D2896 mgKOH/g 5
Density @150C ASTM D1298 kg/m3 910
Flash Point (PMC) ASTM D93 0C >200
Pour point ASTM D97 0C -12

The above figures are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerances, and do not constitute a specification. Note 1 mm2 s-1 = 1 cSt.
Health, Safety and Environment Health, safety and environmental information is provided for this product in the Material Safety Data Sheet. This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures, together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. It should be noted that used engine oils are likely to contain potentially harmful contaminants. Avoid skin contact with all types and makes of used engine oil. Before the product is used other than as recommended or directed, advice should be obtained from the local BP office.

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