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About the Company

"General Maritime Supply, ltd" was formed in Novorossiysk in 2003.

The main practical activities of "General Maritime Supply, ltd" are in the sphere of the technical supplement on the based and exploit coastal objects: of sea-transport, oil and gas building complexes, cargo materials, engines, pumps, means of the individual protection etc.

Now days "General Maritime Supply, ltd" presents itself as the Holding company, consists of several organizations and branches, having strategic interests both covering the Russian Federation and overseas.

"General Maritime Supply, ltd" have it's own transport, storage premises, laboratory of the diagnostics, production platforms, repair shops and high skilled personnel. These advantages allow us to execute the demands qualitative and upon the terms.

Our priority purpose are: the development of the production infrastructure, rendering the licensed services, maintenance of the storage spare in broad assortment, increasing of qualification of the personnel and friendly attitude to the Customer.

"General Maritime Supply, ltd" was successfully accredited according to the standard ISO 9001:2000 (International Systems Quality Management) in the field of technical provision and rendering the services for marine and oil-gas organizations, (Technical Supply Service of Marine, Oil & Gas Companies), Certificate No. 171821, dated 25th of May' 2005.

The Dealer authorities and licenses:

  • The rope product, Joint-Stock Company "Kanat", Kolomna:
  • The ship's pyrotechnics, Federal state unitary enterprise "Signal", Chelyabinsk, and Federal state unitary enterprise "Murom Apparatus producing plant", Murom: - The License of "Federal Agency on Industry" Series 698-Б-ПИ-Рс No. 000868, dated 17.12.2004.
  • The paint's product, HEMPEL Inc., Denmark:
  • The ICOM-company apparatuses of communications and navigations, Japan ("Saicom, ltd.", Moscow).
  • The respiratory technology, Joint-Stock Company "KAMPO" (locked join-stock company "Dyhatelnye sistemy - 2000", Moscow):
  • Syntetic washing facilities for special and technical purpose, spume-former "MORPEN", "Zavod Moyuschih Sredstv, ltd.", Schebekino.

The facilities and production:

  • Production of photoluminescent symbols (the IMO signs). Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) 06.00009.185.
  • Testing and production of the life-saving equipment. Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) 07.00002.185.
  • Diagnostics of the ship technical condition. The Testing laboratory. Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) 05.00039.185.
"General Maritime Supply, ltd." has close contacts with many leading Russian and foreign producers of technical product and material, required for ceaseless and trouble-free work of ships and coast enterprises.

Acknowledgement of our authority and more detailed information about our activities of the company, assortment of goods and provided services you may find out on our web-site

Our Company has a possibility to deliver of production for our clients keeping minimal prices in spite of financial crisis because we have direct relations with many manufacturers, own production base and trucks. No any intermediate organizations are involved in the process.

Our daily practice is individual cooperation, financial tolerance, and discount system for instant clients.
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